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admin   —  August 03, 2020

As you might have known already by either our tweet or the whole fandom endlessly talking about it the first look at Tom as Arvin Russell on the Netflix film The Devil All the Time came out today and it gave us a stunning still of Tom on character. The film comes out on September 16. You can read about the book on our Bookshelf, and soon we will be adding a page about the film to the filmography!


Film Productions > The Devil All The Time (2020) > Movie Stills

admin   —  May 13, 2020

Hey everyone, as you might already know today, May 13, our site turns 4 years online, so to celebrate we decided to update the site with different content around the site. We added new sections, update old ones, and added tons of new gallery content, such as upgrading old pictures or additional ones, and today is no different but before continuing to our last update, I just wanted to thank you all for being with us these past 4 years, either you are old or new in visiting us, it’s been an absolute pleasure bringing you all the updates on Tom, and we hope to update many more! with that being said, let’s do this thing!

We finally worked on the career pages for this occasion, and although they aren’t all finished, you can already read through some of them! these pages have tons of information on all of Tom’s projects!

As a thing we have been doing with posting screen captures from the animated films, we continue with the ones from my ultimate favorite Tom film, Onward, where he voices Ian.


And to end, we added high-quality outtakes from another shoot Tom did back in 2016!


admin   —  May 12, 2020

Hey everyone, as you might have noticed from our last post and our twitter page, this May 13 our site turns 4 years online, so to celebrate we are having updates until tomorrow with new additions to the site, from content to gallery updates!

Today is the second day we celebrate, we have added a new section to the site called Bookshelf, which is a page with information on all book adaptations Tom has been in!

We continue the update with screen captures from the movie Spies in Disguise, where Tom voiced Walter.


And to end Day 2, we have upgraded all pictures of another shoot Tom did back in 2016 from MQ to HQ, also, adding new outtakes from it!


admin   —  May 11, 2020

Hey everyone, as we mentioned over at our Twitter, this May 13 our site turns 4 years online, so to celebrate we will be adding for the next 3 days new additions to the site, from content to gallery updates.

To start, we have added an exclusive biography of Tom that you can read here, also, over 100 icons from pictures of Tom on different talk shows (x36) over the years and at public appearances from this year (x70).

We continue the update with screen captures from the movie The Secret World of Arrietty, Tom’s first-ever voice-over work, where he voiced Shō.


And to end Day 1, in exclusivity, we have upgraded all 42 pictures of a shoot Tom did back in 2016 from MQ to HQ. This shoot is one of my favorite shoots Tom has done so far!


admin   —  April 22, 2020

Hey everyone, I have updated the gallery with over 600 high-quality pictures of Tom during the promotional of Onward in February. These include 4 photo sessions, the world and UK premiere, press conference and his visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!



Photo Sessions > 2020
Public Appearances > 2020

admin   —  January 26, 2020

Hey everyone! Yesterday, January 25, Tom attended a special screening of Dolittle in London, the premiere was set at Cineworld Leicester Square where Tom possed with the cast and his adorable dog, Tessa.

Below you can find pictures of Tom at the event!


 Public Appearances > 2020 > January 25: ‘Dolittle’ Special Screening

admin   —  December 09, 2019

Hey everyone, I have updated the gallery with the missing stills, promotional pictures, and behind the scenes of Tom in Spider-Man: Far From Home, I have also posted the captures from both the film and all the DVD extras!








Film Productions > Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

admin   —  December 08, 2019

Hey everyone, I have updated the gallery with stills, promotional pictures, and posters of Tom’s upcomings animated films, Spies in Disguise, Onward and The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. You can check them out below!



Film Productions > Spies in Disguise (2019)

Film Productions > Onward (2020)

Film Productions > The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (2020)

admin   —  December 05, 2019

Last night Tom attended Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles to promote his upcoming project, Spies in Disguise, he also talked about Cherry, how he saved Spider-Man and American Football. Below you can find several pictures of Tom arriving at the studio, stills and screen captures of the episode, you can also watch the whole interview below.

FYI: I have also added screen captures from some talk shows Tom did earlier this year while promoting Far From Home that were missing from the gallery!



Public Appearances > 2019 > December 04: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2019 > December 04: Jimmy Kimmel Live!


admin   —  December 05, 2019

Yesterday, Tom attended the Spies In Disguise premiere in Los Angeles, California where he posed alongside castmate Will Smith, make sure to check the pictures below!


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